01 January 2015

Vattayappam - A Kerala Special Steamed Rice Cake & Celebrating Blog Anniversary

Rinku’s Kitchen Treats is celebrating its 4th anniversary. Oh my time has been flying extremely fast! Creating this blog is one of the best decisions I ever made, as it allows me to connect with people that feel the same way about food as I do. And allows me to share my favorite cuisine- the Kerala cuisine with the rest of the world. I didn't have a plan when I set out on this blogging journey. But I am taking it on a slow pace and enjoying every minute of it.

Foremost, I want to thank my husband and kids who play a large role behind the scenes. And want to thank all my readers for visiting my website and following us on Facebook, and Pinterest. I truly appreciate it! It’s your readership that makes me continue blogging. I would even take this opportunity to thank my family for being so supportive, my friend Shireen,  who has been a constant guide and my other friends who are always there for me.

So to all of you who have been a part of my blogging journey, I want to say an enormous THANK YOU. I really appreciate your kind comments, shares and feedback. Wishing you all a prosperous New Year!

Here is the recipe I would like to share. I have seen tedious recipes to make this but this is a simple recipe that has been perfected after many trials.   

Vattayappam is a famous steamed rice cake of Kerala. It is an any time snack. The name 'Vattayappam' means round shaped appam in Malayalam. Earlier days it used to be prepared with toddy.This is an easy breakfast to be prepared for guests.Who would not like a yummy breakfast with less work involved.

Vattayappam tastes best with Chicken/ Mutton / Vegetable stew, Chicken Curry (Kerala Style) with or without coconut.

Recipe source - Rinku Naveen

(To make 1 Vattayappam)

Raw Rice - 1 cup
Grated Coconut - 1/2 cup
Cooked Boiled Rice - 1/4 cup
Sugar - 1 1/4 tbsp
Cardamom - 1 pod
Water - 3/4 cup
Salt - to taste
Yeast - 1/4 tsp
Coconut Oil - to smear the vessel

Soak raw rice for 3-4 hours.
Grind the raw rice along with cooked rice, coconut, sugar and cardamom. The ground mixture should be slightly grainy.
Add in the yeast and pulse it for 4 seconds. Switch off the mixie.
Add in the salt.
Let the batter rest till it rises.
Heat a steamer with water. When the water starts boiling reduce flame.
Smear a steel round vessel (approx 8 inches wide and 6 inch deep) with oil.
Pour the batter and place it in the steamer.
Close the steamer and let cook for 12- 15 minutes or until a skewer inserted in the middle of the appam comes out clean.
Remove the vessel from the steamer and place in a wide vessel with cold water.
When cool invert it to a plate.
Cut into pieces and serve with any non vegetarian or vegetarian masala curry.

The time taken for the batter to rise depends on the climate. It will rise easily in humid climate and vice versa.
Make sure you use fresh stock of yeast. I used fine dry yeast.
If you like the appam to be sweet increase the quantity of sugar.

Have you prepared any recipes from the blog? If you feel like sharing your experiences and thoughts with me and the readers of my blog, you can send me a photo and your comments about the recipe (or anything you changed / improved). I would be delighted to hear from you. Mail me to rinkuskitchentreats@gmail.com. 

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Thank you!

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