20 December 2014

Homemade Chocolates

Let us make homemade gifts for our guests. Easy homemade chocolates.Absolutely delicious and can be made with very little effort and time and just 4 ingredients. This is just perfect as a guest gift even for other functions. You can add in fillings of your choice.

Recipe : Rinku Naveen

You will need:

Dark Compound Chocolate bar - 500 g (* See notes 1)
Milk Compound Chocolate bar - 500 g
Mixture of nuts - cashew and almond finely chopped

Chocolate mould

In a double boiler  (* See note 2) chop roughly both the chocolates till it melts fully. It has to be smooth and glossy. (* See note 3)
Whisk the chocolate well with a balloon whisk or spatula.
Wash and wipe the moulds. Make sure there is no water droplets on it.
Using a spoon or piping bag add little chocolate into each mould.
Add in the nuts leaving space to top with more chocolate. (* See note 4)
Now fill chocolate to the top. Wipe off any excess chocolate on the outside area of the mould.
Tap the mould slightly on the table top to remove any air trapped and to fill evenly.
Freeze for 12 minutes.(* See note 5)
Remove and invert the chocolates.
They are ready to be relished.


1.I used Morde brand of chocolate. This is the quantity of chocolate I used. If you would like to make a smaller batch just use equal quantities of both the chocolates.Using just dark compound will make the chocolate taste bitter. Use fresh stock of chocolate. Avoid using refrigerated chocolate. There should not be any moisture in the chocolate.
2.Double boiler is a method of boiling where a bowl is placed on top of a pan of simmering water. The bowl should not touch the water. The chocolate melts due to the heat created from the steam of boiling water beneath. The bowl has to sit well and create a seal so that the steam does not escape.In this way the chocolate can be melted without burning. Stir the chocolate at intervals and check if the right consistency has reached.

3.Make sure the chocolate has melted well and should have flowing consistency.
4. Filling can be of your choice. 
5. The freezing time varies from 5 minutes to 12 minutes depending on the size of your mould. If it is a small mould then check after 5 minutes. If you keep for a long time even after the chocolate has set it will become hard. 

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