21 September 2011

Rosgolla/ Rasgulla - Cottage Cheese Dumplings in Sugar Syrup

Rasgulla is a traditional Bengali Sweet. It is called 'Roshogolla' in Bengali. As the Navarathri and Diwali season is almost close I thought it apt to add this post now. It has been in my drafts for some time.:)

Rasgulla is a sweet made from home made cottage cheese dipped in chilled sugar syrup. This is my first try at making this mouthwatering soft and spongy sweet. 


7 1/2 cups/ 1 1/2 litre           Milk
3 tsp/ 15 ml                          Lemon juice
2 tsp/ 10 gm                         Semolina
2 cups / 500ml                     Water
1 1/2 cups / 225 gm             Sugar
2 tsp/ 10 ml                          Rose water

Bring the milk to boil.
Add lemon juice to curdle the milk. Keep stirring the milk and it will curdle. Then turn off the heat.
Strain out the whey using a damp muslin cloth.
Fold the muslin cloth from all sides and twist it so that all the whey is drained out.
Tie the ends and hang it for 2-3 hours.
When all the whey is drained from the cottage cheese, add semolina and then knead well to make a smooth dough.
Divide the dough and shape them into small lemon sized, round balls. Keep aside.
Boil the water ; add sugar and rose water. Cook till a thick syrup is obtained.
Carefully slide the balls into the syrup and cook till they become light and fluffy and start floating.

To check if the paneer is ready, take a pinch of it and smear on your palm and rub it with your thumb 3-4 times. After that you should be able to make it into balls.
The dough balls should not have any cracks on it.
Use a large bottom vessel or cooker to make the rasgullas as they double in size on cooking.
Cook in an open vessel or cooker.
It should be cooked on high flame.
The rose water helps the sugar syrup to froth continuously which is very important.
To check if rasgullas are cooked, remove one and just press it slightly. If it springs back to shape then its done.

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  6. Thanks dear friends for the lovely response.
    @Sarah..I used the usual semolina we use for upma.

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