25 August 2011

Kaaya Upperi /Raw Banana Chips - Onam Sadhya Vibhavangal 9

Kaaya Upperi is a 'must serve' for any sadhya. They are the crunchy chips which is served on the left side corner of the vazhayila (plantain leaf). Raw Bananas (Nendra Variety/ Kerala Bananas) are immersed in turmeric water and then deep fried. This crunchy snack is easy to prepare and gets over in minutes.

Kaaya Upperi is one of all Keralites favorite snack. I remember carrying lots of these snacks to give to our near and dear while returning to Doha after holidays from Kerala. Earlier days people who came to visit always bring sweets n snacks and these chips was always a part of it. These days potato chips are more popular but Keralites prefer this as the healthier version of chips.


Raw Banana/Plantain/ Nendra Banana - 4 (large ones)
Turmeric Powder - 1/2 tsp
Water - 2 1/2 cup
Salt - 1 tsp
Coconut Oil - for deep frying

In a large vessel add 2 cups water along with turmeric powder.
Peel the outer skin of the raw bananas and quarter it lengthwise.
Chop into medium thick pieces and drop it into the turmeric water as you chop.
Leave it for 5 minutes.
Pour it into a strainer to remove water.
Heat coconut oil.
Keep the salt water ready ( 1 tsp salt in half cup water).
When the oil is piping hot ( not smoking) fry a portion of the bananas.
Reduce the flame to medium.
Flip them occasionally to evenly cook.
When the oil stops bubbling reduce flame to low, pour little salt water on top of the oil and close immediately with a lid to avoid splashing of the hot oil.
When the splashing stops remove with a slotted ladle and transfer it to kitchen tissue lined colander to remove excess oil.
When cool transfer into air tight containers. 
Serve crisp for sadhyas. 

Check if the oil is hot by putting a plantain piece in it. It will bubble and come up immediately.
See to it that there is no overcrowding while frying.
Before adding salt water keep the lid in hand to close the pan in order to avoid burning from hot oil splashing.
From second batch on reduce the salt water sprinkled as there is salt already in the oil.
After removing each batch wait for the oil to heat again.

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  1. I get the Onam excitement and feel from your blog.. love the banana chips. And I too like jackfruit/banana chips more than potato chips :)

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  3. Thanks Sarah, Deepa, Tina and Pratibha...
    @ Tina yeah sure Tina. Send me ur address :)

  4. This is my fav...looks perfectly done and tempting

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    Indian Cuisine

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    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  12. My favorite banana chips,looks so crispy and yummy.

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