19 May 2011

Tyre Pathiri / Thick Flat Rice Bread Cooked On Cast Iron Skillet

I had earlier posted about Neypathiri. Here is a different pathiri /flat rice bread called the Tyre Pathiri. It is so called because it looks like a vehicle tyre(very thick).

Usually you will see a smaller version of this but this tyre pathiri is a Wyanad special.
It’s easy to make and yummy too.

It is cooked on large caste iron skillet usually on firewood. But as we do not have firewood I have made it on a gas stove.

Recipe Source: My mom

Matta (Boiled Red) Rice – 2 glasses
Salt                                  - As required


Soak rice for 2-3 hours.
Grind it with very little water in a thick consistency.
Add required salt.
Make a big ball of the rice paste. Place it on a banana leaf.
Now place another piece of banana leaf on top of this.
Now gently press it to make a round shape.
The pathiri is 1” thick and almost 5” in diameter.
Heat a cast iron skillet and place it on it along with the banana leaf.
Cook on low flame. Cover with a heavy round lid.(Preferably an earthenware lid)
As the banana leaf starts to brown turn it over with a spatula and cook on the other side.
When both sides are cooked place the pathiri directly on the skillet and let it become crisp on both sides.
Hold the pathiri upright with 2 wooden spatulas and turn it like a tyre to cook the sides.
Serve it hot with Kerala Style Chicken /Mutton curry/Veg Masala.


  1. Delicious and healthy recipe, new to me,thanks for sharing dear.

  2. This is really an interesting recipe with rice! Can't wait to make some! Thanks dear!

  3. looks delicious and wonderful pictures ........

  4. OMG.. I realy miss this.. At home, we make it out of rice flour.. choodu pathiriyum.. korachu thengapaalum mathi... breakfast nu :)

  5. we call this kai pathiri.......my fav.....

  6. ithu kollallo ..adipoli!!!
    appo nammude 2 perudeyum last name onnanallo??

  7. That sounds like such an authentic dish! Loved it!
    US Masala

  8. Thanks Jeyashri, Suja,FGF,Krithi,kalyani, Nitha, Sameeja,Sarah and Aipi. I appreciate your wonderful comments.
    @Sarah..yeah we do share the same last name :)
    and passionate about food. What else do we need to
    be good friends..

  9. droooling recipe of yours...can t wait to try this tempting dish..

    Tasty Appetite
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  10. Hmmm...that's interesting...we call it chattipathiri...:)


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