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15 April 2011

Ada Payasam/ Rice Chips Kheer

Wishing everyone a Happy Vishu(New Year)!! May you all be blessed with happiness and prosperity!!
Hope you all will like this Kani I set at home.

The day starts very early for us on Vishu day, this time at 4 AM to prepare the Kani and bring everyone blindfolded to see the kani first thing in the morning.  We believe that if we see good Kani (omen) then the whole year goes well for us!!

Kani consists of many things like Konna flowers, Holy book, Silk, gold, Silver, rice, beetel leaves, vaal kannadi( a mirror with long handle), lots of vegetables, fruits. All this is decorated and arranged in Uruli's(vessel made of bell metal) with Diya's lit up in front of Lord Krishna's idol (preferably Little Krishna). After everyone sees the Kani  the sky lights up with crackers and everyone is enjoying..( to see the list of kani items click here)
Then its time to freshen up, wear new clothes and get the blessings from elders - the Vishu Kaineetam. 
Since this day marks the start of a new year, Vishu is celebrated as a feast day and celebrated like Diwali. Traditional Kerala cuisine is prepared and the whole family has a meal together.

Today's recipe is Ada Payasam.Ada Payasam is made of rice flakes and is one of the important part of the feast.Payasam is a dessert prepared in Saddyas( traditional meal in Kerala feast which we eat on banana leaves).
Ada payasam is one of my favourite payasam. I have seen people who do not like Payasam  happily taking two or three servings of this one. It takes a lot of time but worth the effort and you are going to love it..

Loads of kisses to Mom for this lovely recipe.. I'm loving it..yummmmmm

 Wishing you all a happy and safe Vishu!!

Ada Payasam/ Rice Chips Kheer

Recipe Source : My mom


¾ Kg
2 Medium
Coconut pieces
3 tbsp
Banana (Poovan pazham)
3 tbsp
3 tbsp


Soak ada overnight.
Drain water. Cook with double the quantity water. It should be soft when you press it. It will take approx 20- 25 minutes. When cooked drain away water and keep aside.
Add 250 ml water to jaggery and melt it.
After melting strain so as to remove the impurities.
Cook ada in this melted jaggery in low flame for 1 hour.
In the mean time make thin coconut slices from the coconut and keep aside.
Grate coconut and press with hand to remove coconut milk. This is called the first milk(onnam paal). Add powdered cardamom in this milk and keep aside.
Now add little water blend a little in a mixer/blender and now press it to remove more coconut milk about 250ml. This is the second milk(randam paal).
Add more water and remove the coconut milk -250 ml. This is called the third milk(moonam paal) .
When the ada is cooked for one hour add the 3rd milk, a pinch of  salt and banana. Keep on simmer.
The payasam has to reach a thick consistency. Then add the second milk. Keep on simmer and let it thicken again.
Keep the cashew and kismis ready.
When the payasam reaches a thick consistency add the first milk and it is time to add the rest of the ingredients.
Heat ghee in a small kadai. Add coconut pieces and fry till light brown. Then add cashews and fry till brown and last add the kismis. When it bloats up remove kadai from the stove and pour it over the payasam.
Yummy tasty Ada Payasam is ready!!
Sending this recipe to The Kerala Kitchen Event hosted by Ria.