10 April 2014

Mango Lassi - Indian Summer Drink

For Indians, summer is synonymous with mango season. And India boasts of more than 100 varieties of mangoes. No wonder its called the 'King of all fruits' and is the National fruit of India. Mango Lassi is again one of the most popular summer drink in India and has become popular around the world.

The humidity at my place in Kerala, India is so high. There is only one antidote for this - Fresh Mango Lassi. It is a soothing cold drink to beat the heat. Mango Lassi is made with sweet mango, yogurt, honey, cardamom, milk and ice cubes.It is smooth, creamy and tastes heavenly. You can have it anytime of the day. It is an instant energy booster. And above all it is so easy to make! So go ahead and beat that heat...

(Printable Recipe)

Mango - 2 cups  (2 large ripe fresh mangoes)* See notes 1
Thick yogurt- 3/4 cup * See notes 3
Milk - 1/2 cup (chilled)
Honey - 2 tbsp* See notes 4
Cardamom - 2 (ground)
Ice cubes- 5

Peel the mango and remove the flesh from the pit. Cut it into pieces reserving even the escaping juices.
In a blender add in the mango, reserved juices of the mango, yogurt, milk, honey, cardamom and ice cubes.
Blend till its creamy and frothy. Approximately 1-2 minutes.
Pour into glasses and serve with ice cubes.

Use fresh, sweet, fragrant mangoes for best results. In case you are using canned mangoes try to use ones unsweetened with syrup
If using frozen mangoes allow it to thaw for 30 minutes.
Use natural yogurt not sweetened ones.
Add honey as per taste. But add it slightly to taste only.
You can add castor sugar instead of honey. The quantity depends on the sweetness of mangoes.
You can thin the lassi by adding milk or ice water.

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  1. looks so rich... feel like grabbing a glass...

  2. Love to finish those both glasses, highly irresistible..

  3. Excellent and lavish looking mango smoothie. Lovely pics as well.


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