25 March 2013

Nannari Cherunaranga Sarbath / Nannari Lime Cooler

Feeling hot already? Summer seems to be never ending. So lets forget the heat outside and cool our body with the Nannari Sarbath. Nannari is well known to people of Kerala. It is a plant with the scientific name hemidesmus indicus. The root of this plant is used. Nannari Dravakam is prepared by the distillation of this root. We prepare this at our Ayurvedic Manufacturing Plant. It is in high demand during the summer months in Kerala. Even if you go to roadside petty shops for a lime drink they will serve you with Nannari syrup. It purifies the blood and cools your body. It also quenches your thirst. So go ahead and try it at home.

Makes 2 glasses

Lime Juice- 3 tbsp
Nannari Dravakam - 2 tbsp 
Water - 400ml
Honey - 4 tbsp

Squeeze out 1 1/2 tbsp lime juice into each glass.
Pour 2 tbsp each honey and  1 tbsp each Nannari dravakam.
Add cold or room temperature water and stir well. Enjoy!

The above picture is of products - Nannari Dravakam and Honey manufactured at Asoka Pharmaceuticals. You can see the nannari root (from which this dravakam is prepared) in the second picture.

This drink can be made with soda instead of water to make a fizzy drink.


  1. absolute cooler for the summers... :)

  2. Have heard about it a lot.. Never had it though !! Will try when I get hold of nannari..

  3. Ow wow healthy cooler,loved d clicks...

  4. U know i love ur space Rinku........and pls collect i have a Liebster award for you at my space

  5. I love this drink anytime!Perfect cooler for the hot glaring sunny day :)

  6. great summer drink.....cooling

  7. We need it too over here. The heat is a killer and its a perfect thirst quencher. Lovely though we have issues finding the fruit at my place.

  8. Prefect body cooler n love this sarbath very much.

  9. i have seen these roots before in a kerala ayurvedic shop. did not know their cooling effects. thanks for your comment on my blog. following you through fb.

  10. So refreshing and yummy! I am your new follower. Do visit/follow my blog at-http://www.rita-bose-cooking.com/.

  11. cooling drink on a summer day...


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