09 September 2011

Ada Pradhaman / Rice Chips Pudding - Onam Sadhya Vibhavangal 15

Its Onam! May this joyous occasion of Onam brighten your life with happiness and prosperity! Happy Onam 2011 to all my dear friends and readers..

Onam does not mean just wearing new clothes, having Onasadhya(feast) or making pookkalam. It marks the beginning of a range of festivities, music, snake boat races, Kaikootikali dance, puli kali, onappattu which makes it very exciting.

I just had an Onam Sadhya in my hometown yesterday. I should say it was just too good. :) We (mom, sis , aunt and myself) managed to cook all the Onam Sadhya Vibhavangal and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The preparation begins the day before when me made Pachadi, Puli Ingi, Manga Curry (recipe coming soon), Pineapple Pachadi. The next day we start the other recipes like Sambar, Koottu Kari, Olan , Kalan, Cabbage Thoran, Erissery, Sambharam, Parippu, Pappadam, Rice and Payasam. In North Malabar we begin the feast with pappadam pazham kozhakkal (mixing pappad, banana with sugar and ghee). Then the parippu(dal), ghee and rice. The third course with other curries and side dishes. Then finish with payasam and banana. 

A big and long day ahead. Today is Thiruvonam. We make the biggest pookkalam (flower carpet) today. It is kept for 3 days. Then we begin preparation of the feast.The rich culture of Kerala is best seen during  this 10 day long Onam Festival. 

Hope you enjoy the Ada Pradhaman recipe.

Happy Onam once again!!!! 

Ada Pradhaman / Rice Chips Kheer

Ada  -  200gms
Jaggery - ¾ Kg
Coconut -2 Medium
Cardamom- 10
Coconut pieces -3 tbsp
Banana (Poovan pazham) - 2
Cashew -3 tbsp
Kismis - 3 tbsp

Soak ada overnight.
Drain water. Cook with double the quantity water. It should be soft when you press it. It will take approx 20- 25 minutes. When cooked drain away water and keep aside.
Add 250 ml water to jaggery and melt it.
After melting strain so as to remove the impurities.
Cook ada in this melted jaggery in low flame for 1 hour.
In the mean time make thin coconut slices from the coconut and keep aside.
Grate coconut and press with hand to remove coconut milk. This is called the first milk(onnam paal). Add powdered cardamom in this milk and keep aside.
Now add little water blend a little in a mixer/blender and now press it to remove more coconut milk about 250ml. This is the second milk(randam paal).
Add more water and remove the coconut milk -250 ml. This is called the third milk(moonam paal) .
When the ada is cooked for one hour add the 3rd milk, a pinch of  salt and banana. Keep on simmer.
The payasam has to reach a thick consistency. Then add the second milk. Keep on simmer and let it thicken again.
Keep the cashew and kismis ready.
When the payasam reaches a thick consistency add the first milk and it is time to add the rest of the ingredients.
Heat ghee in a small kadai. Add coconut pieces and fry till light brown. Then add cashews and fry till brown and last add the kismis. When it bloats up remove kadai from the stove and pour it over the payasam.

Hope you haven't missed my Onam Sadhya Series. Click on the links below for all the recipes.

13.  Sambaram


  1. Delicious Onam recipe of ada pradhman...looks yummy !!
    Lovely clicks!!

  2. Happy onam to you :) absolutely stunning pictures with lovely dish.

  3. ada pradhaman looks divine..Wishing u and ur family a very Happy Onam !!

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  7. Happy Onam to you & your family Rinku!! Wishing & praying for God's abundant blessings on your entire family!

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    The flower arrangement looks colourful..
    Happy Onam dear..

  10. Awesome traditional style setting!! Mok made this yesterday & i tasted it for the first time..Wanted to try it out after checking out so many yummy recipes for ada payasam..Adding banana is a nice one..Will try again next week your way..
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  11. Happy Onam Rinku :-)
    I loved reading about the elements of the Onasadhya and how you made it easy to try them ourselves. Also saw that some restaurants are offering the feast in Hyderabad, and was planning to make my husband take me to one of them - easy way out without having to cook :D
    But then i left Hyd yesterday to visit my parents, so maybe i can have the onasadhya next year, or make it by myself over the next few weeks.
    Happy Onam once again and have a great day.

  12. Ada pradhamn looks super delicious,creamy and inviting..Happy Onam wishes Rinku..

  13. Ona shamshakal Rinku... On seeing your list of onam dishes itself I knew you would be having a wonderful feast!! Wish I should have been your neighbour... Ada pradhaman looks fantabulous!
    Krithi's Kitchen
    Event: Serve It - Steamed

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    I hope I can get the Ada, here in TX. I will surely try this.


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