15 August 2011

Olan / Stewed White Gourd and Long beans in Coconut Milk - Onam Sadhya Vibhavangal- 2

 Proud to be an Indian!

Today I would like to share a simple vegetarian dish .Olan is one of the most simple gravy dish. A delicious curry with pumpkin and long beans stewed in coconut milk and flavored with curry leaves and coconut oil.So simple and so tasty. It is prepared with Ash Gourd (Winter Melon) or with pumpkin. The ingredients slightly differ depending on your geographical location in Kerala. :) South Kerala it is prepared along with red lentils. North Kerala the preparation is with long beans. But what remains the same is that the veggies are cooked in coconut milk. And it is one of the very few dishes in which turmeric and other spices are not added. Onasadya (Onam Feast) is not complete without olan.

Ash gourd/Winter Melon - 1/2 piece of a medium melon
Long beans - 1/4 kg
Chilly - 2-3
Thick Coconut Milk- 1 cup
Salt - as required
Curry leaves- 2 sprigs
Coconut oil - 1 tbsp

Chop melon into 1 inch thin slices.
Chop beans into 1 inch long pieces.
Cook melon and beans in very little water along with salt and chilly.
When cooked add coconut milk. Heat slightly (Do not bring to boil).Remove from heat.
Pour the coconut oil on top and garnish with curry leaves.

Watch out for more Onam Dishes...


  1. I love the color of this dish. Happy Independence Day!

  2. nicely presented and delicious traditional dish.looks yum

  3. Happy Independence to you too Rinku, what a delicious looking curry and your pictures reflect all the colours of our Indian flag...there's Saffron, White & Green! Marvellous!!! I will try this recipe soon :)

  4. Happy Independence Day !!
    The Olan looks so perfect. Reminds me of my mother in law's cooking.
    and I love the first picture.
    Cheers !!!

  5. such a delicious and traditional recipe.. simply inviting.. thanks for sharing dear.. awesome pictures too :)
    Indian Cuisine

  6. Super delicious Olan, wat an authentic dish..

  7. Such a delicious one...HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY

  8. Awesome pics...looks perfect..
    Happy Independence Day!!

  9. Great photography and lovely recipe! Thanks for sharing!

  10. i have heard so much about this dish but never really had it..next time im home i shud try it out

  11. wow, olan looks great, a simple and lovely curry..

  12. So easy and flavorful..Nice click

  13. wow delicious recipe,luks really gr8!

  14. wow, that looks super delicious and simple. I love adding coconut milk in curries, brings that richness to it.


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