26 May 2011

Bread Pudding

My lovely SIL has made this yummy pudding on many good occasions. Now that I could enjoy it every time she makes it made me lazy to try it. She had given me the recipe 2 years back and still didn't feel like making it as I enjoy her preparations a lot..
Today I just wondered why not try it. I have not added any pudding on my blog and I know hers is a fool proof recipe. So here it is..a simple and tasty pudding. My kids just gobbled it down :)

Recipe Source - Nishna (My Sis in law)

Milk                    500 ml
Eggs                   3
Sugar                 10 Tbsp
Butter                 1 tbsp (at room temp)
Bread                 7-8 slices
Vanilla Essence  1 teaspoon


Boil the milk and let it cool to room temperature.

To caramelize sugar, add 3 tablespoons sugar into the pudding container. Add a few drops of water and heat it till the sugar turns brown. Spread on the base of the container. Keep it aside
Whip the eggs in a mixer/blender.
Add the sugar and blend again.
Strain and pour the milk into this egg sugar mixture.
Remove the crust of the bread and crumble them.
Keep a cooker with water and a ring. Let the water boil on low flame.
Meanwhile add vanilla essence to the egg- sugar-milk mixture and mix well.
Add butter and warm the mixture on low heat till the butter melts.
Remove from heat and add the bread. It should soak well. Stir well and make it a paste.
Pour this mixture into the caramelized sugar container.
Cover the container with foil.
Place this container on the ring and close the cooker lid. Do not place the weight.
Cook on high flame for 10 minutes, medium 10 minutes and last 1 minute on high flame.
Remove from heat. 
Remove the container from the cooker and refrigerate the pudding.
Invert when cold and serve.


  1. Yum Rinku! My mom used to make this when we were kids :) enjoyed it so much, must try it again for old times sake :) Nice pictures!

  2. Wow! This is a perfect pudding, bookmarking this one. Definitely gonna try this.

  3. aaah! one of my favourites - to make as well as to eat! it looks wonderful

  4. Your bread pudding looks perfect! I must bookmark this... I have lots of leftover bread! Thanks for sharing!


  5. Omg, thats a wonderful looking irresistible pudding..

  6. Perfectly made bread pudding...looks like a cake.

  7. Pudding has come put perfect.. love this recipe very much..

    Sunanda's Kitchen

  8. that looks like an amazing cake..pudding looks lovely

  9. So perfect and yummy. Got to try this.


  10. Thanks friends for your wonderful comments!!
    @Kriti.. Yes you can bake it in an oven. Bake at 180 degrees for 40-45 minutes or until knife comes out clean.

  11. Superb Rinku. I remember eating this at my friend's home when in school. lovely.

  12. Oh my my~ this pudding looks so gorgeous !! I wish I could bite into it right now :)
    US Masala

  13. Looks so yum n perfect ..thanks for visiting my space ..:)

  14. This bread pudding sounds interesting n looks truly inviting...without baking makes so easy n thanx a lot for stopping by my space...wish to be your follower but currently not displayed:( following u via networked blogs.,,lovely space u have categorized neatly..super

  15. Wow..that's awesome and perfect Rinku..
    You have a superb space here.Thanks for visiting me and so could find you.Already added you.see ya.

  16. Looks so delicious Rinku..... I am sure kids will just love it.....

    First time here.... You have a wonderful space... Following you.

    Please visit my space when you get time...

  17. Hey,

    Yummy and tasty pudding..:)



  18. Thanks for visiting my blog and for ur sweet comments !! U have excellent...happy to follow !!

    Bread pudding looks wonderful and delicious !!

  19. Bread pudding looks wonderful, delicious and tempting. I liked your blog very much.

  20. I'm a pudding person and this looks like the perfect treat! I remember enjoying bread pudding in my childhood days, this looks even better than the one in my memory :)

  21. Love it with some custard sauce! Pass me a slice please :)

  22. I adore bread pudding that is so perfectly made yum! and thanks for stopping by and for ur kind words of appreciation!

  23. rinku ,i am trying this today

  24. rinku ,i baked the pudding ,the edges came out crisp,it was yummy,the pudding came out well


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